Lamella ring is only one of many combinations - CURIO Styles matches all your looks, find the matching ring

“Curio is not just a ring but an ever expanding selection of interchangeable parts of different styles, colors and shapes, all combined by you in sheer endless possibilities.”

Our Concept

Each ring consists of two elements, a base and a top. The base is currently a size-7 ring that forms a flat platform with a rim on top that you can easily clip your desired tops in. The tops are made of silicone and each of them feels different. Some are soft and sensual, others feel firm and some are both at the same time. Fun to play with, great to share, switch and exchange with friends our rings are curious little things.

6 top designs - 6 top colors - 5 base colors- 180 combinations

Who we are

CURIO Styles is run by Florian Pucher and Sophia Liu, a designer couple based in Austria and China. Florian is a trained architect but product designer by choice who likes experimenting and exploring and Sophia is a graphic designer with a curious mind and a keen eye for details and finishing.

CURIO Styles, a ring for every style

Our story

CURIO started as a series of three-dimensional design exercises just for fun and when we liked what we saw we explored more and saw the potential of a two-part ring concept. It started turning into an adventure when we decided to invest in our own idea and went on a sourcing trip for producers who could support our vision and turn CURIO into a product line and business

The story of how we started CURIO